Activities for schools

Schools in areas where falles are celebrated have a number of different kinds of teaching materials, one of which is the Fallaire pack, a set of resources that enables pupils to find out about the falles or halhes in all the countries.

The 'Fallaire' Pack

La Fallaire pack is a set of six activities that helps children to learn more about the solstice fire festivals. These activities are in the form of a game that deals with different aspects of the tradition: nature, sustainability, languages, territory, history, music, and dances.

Teachers can use it in the classroom or as a specific focus of interest. There is a pack in all resource centers, but information on each activity can also be found here:

Virtual Learning Community

As a complement to the Fallaire pack, all educators interested in the fire festival and heritage education in general can go to an online platform called “Debat a bat” (Open for debate) that provides resources, good practice, news, and, as its name indicates, a space for debate. We encourage you to find out more:

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