The fire festivals of the solstices of the Pyrenees

Fire festivals are celebrated in many Pyrenean villages in Andorra, Aragon, Catalonia, and Occitania. The inhabitants of each village have been gathering around the fire for hundreds of years. This festival is an important moment in the life of the inhabitants of the Pyrenees, marking the beginning of the summer or winter solstice.

Passed down from generation to generation, these celebrations symbolize continuity in time, local identity, the passing of generations, the time of love . . . A night full of emotions that reinforces the social bonds and identity of the Pyrenean peoples.

In 2015, the festivities were inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

A museum to understand and feel the emotions of the festivals

The spirit of the festivals is in every village, in every community . . . and only there can you feel the emotions it provokes.  The museum wants to help transmit and get to know these festive practices.

A participatory museum. The museum is a project open to all those who wish it. A museum that has the participation of the communities that organize the falles and our visitors. We encourage you not only to see this museum but above all to enrich it by sending us your testimonies, videos or testimonies.

A museum for the future. The museum is neither a website nor a collection of documentation. It is a museum to preserve and transmit the memory and festive practices of the party, thanks to new technologies.

A cross-border museum in five languages. Catalan, French, Spanish, Occitan, and English.

A museum for different audiences. The museum is mainly for the inhabitants of the Pyrenees, but also for all audiences. It offers didactic and recreational activities for people of all ages, for those who
they want to know the party and para those who want to delve into it.

Contents of the museum

A festival, several villages

Although there are elements in common, each party is unique. An interactive map and a presentation of each town show you the singularities of the festivities in the different valleys, regions or countries.

Exhibition Fires and festivals in the Pyrenees

This exhibition presents the importance of fire in all societies (fire as a symbol of life, but also as a danger that must be controlled) and especially in Pyrenean homes and towns. Visiting this exhibition, you can discover how the festival is prepared, the music and dances, the different types of fallas, … The exhibition explains the party, but above all how it is lived. You can see numerous images and videos.

An immersive experience: Live the party

The museum offers a virtual immersion in the heart of the celebrations of two villages: Bertren in France and Taüll in Catalonia. You can experience how the fallaires descend with their falles through the mountain or see how the Brandon is lit as if you were going to the same festival!

The Children's Museum

A real museum designed for children. You will find games, activities and readings. These resources for children, families and schools help pass the holidays on to new generations.

And much more!

Testimonials . Different persons explain with emotion what the festival represents for them.

Share. Two tutorials to learn how to build brandons and falles.

Observatory. Bibliography, books and expert interviews.

Social Media Hub. Follow what’s happening on social media.

Observatory. We offer you tools, books and references on the study of the holidays, as well as interviews with experts.

Creation of the Museum. We explain how this museum has been conceived and made.

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