Baiada de les falles de Bonansa (Bonansa torchlight descent). 23/06. 20h00


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As in other villages in Aragon, the falles ceased to be celebrated in the 1970s but were revived in 2007. The people of Bonansa prepare their falles a long time in advance. Everyone prepares their own, although the village council also prepares some for those who would like to join in the fun. Large wooden torches up to 2 meters long are made out of Scots pine, the handles being made also of young Scots pine. The bonfire or beacon is prepared the day before. On Sant John’s Eve, the falles are taken up to the 11th century chapel at the Tuc de Sant Aventí (1,334 m) and have dinner while waiting for night to fall. Once it is dark, the bonfire and falles are lit. The descent of about 60 or 70 falles is only about 700 m, but nevertheless it takes the classic snake-like form. When the fallaires arrive in the village they are welcomed with applause and they continue to run around the village. In the town square there is another large bonfire, which is lit with the falles. The party continues with music, dances, talking, and drinks, and some people leap over the bonfire.

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Photos and videos

Bonansa falles, the fight against the dark

Bonansa falles. Photograph: J. Clariana (Ayuntamiento de Bonansa)

Bonansa falles. Photograph: Ayuntamiento de Bonansa

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