Brandon. On or around June 24.


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The tree to be used as the brandon is selected from a woods nearby in April. It is then cut down and left to dry for two months. The Esbareich Festival Committee is in charge of preparing the Saint John’s Eve Brandon, which is covered with straw on the day of the burning. The festival usually takes place at the end of June, but if the weather is poor, the festival is postponed to the Saint’s Day of the patron of the village, which is on August 15.

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Esbareich brandon, covered with straw and decorated, 27 June 2015 © CC Neste-Barousse.

Burning of Brandon, June 27, 2015 © CC Neste-Barousse.

The brandon falling, June 27, 2015 © CC Neste-Barousse

The brandon set up and ready to be set alight, July 2021 © Esbareich Festival Committee.

Brandon debarking work, 2021 © Esbareich Festival Committee.

Burning of the brandon, July 2021 © Esbareich Festival Committee.

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