La Pobla de Segur

Falles de Nostra Senyora de la Ribera (Falles of Our Lady of Ribera) 17/06. 22h00

La Pobla de Segur

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Despite being in the Pallars Jussà region, the Pobla de Segur falles follow the Ribagorçana model, typical in the villages of the Catalan and Aragonese Ribagorça. The Pobla torches are longer, however, because the fallaires don’t need to run with them. The festival dates back to the 1950s, when with the support of the traditional dance group of La Pobla, it was set up to promote the village.

On June 17 at 5 p.m., the day of the patron saint of La Pobla (La Verge de la Ribera), the fallaires parade with their falles through the town, first visiting the retirement and nursing homes, and then passing through on the main streets to the foot of the mountain of Santa Madalena. They then climb the 300 meters to the summit (810m). There they wait for the sun to set before lighting the falles and descending. Meanwhile, the pubilles (heiresses) will have set off from the same place as the fallaires. Together with the gegants and capgrossos and other villagers in traditional dress, they go to the foot of Santa Madalena, where they await the fallaires.

The two groups then join for the main parade into the village, accompanied by the village band, the children and onlookers. Once they arrive in the square, the fallaires throw their torches onto a massive bonfire, and dance the Pobla de Segur Sardana dance. Just before dancing the Sardana, an engaged couple wearing Catalan sashes recite a popular poem about the Virgin of Ribera. Since 2018, gender roles have been eliminated and since then both men and women can act as fallaire and pubilla.

Organized by : Association Culturelle de Fallaires et Héritières de la Pobla
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Village Council : 973680038

To find out more
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Photos and videos

La Pobla de Segur falles 2021

Pallars TV. La Pobla falles 2015

Bringing down the falles, La Pobla 2016

La Pobla de Segur
Fallaires procession, 2018. La Pobla de Segur. Photograph: Mbeckmac. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Commons)

La Pobla de Segur
Parade of the heiresses, 2016 La Pobla de Segur. Photograph: Mbeckmac. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Commons)

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