Las Paúls

Baixada de les falles (Torchlight descent). 23/06. 22h00

Las Paúls

Las Paúls 150 150 Prometheus.Museum

Saint John’s Eve falles are also celebrated at Les Paúls. A week in advance, there is a workshop to make the falles and a small meal for those who participate. The falles are prepared with dry grass. As in the Ribagorça falles in Aragon, the fallaires climb up to the beacon, and then bring down their falles, creating a snake of fire. When they reach the village square, the bonfire is lit. Some take the opportunity to make a wish, and the event ends with a village dinner.

Les Paüls (en catalan), Las Paules (en aragonais)
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To find out more
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Farré Sahún, X.; Ricart, S. (2016) Foc al faro. La fiesta de las fallas en el Pirineo. Zaragoza: Prames

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The fallas of the Aragonese Pirineo

Las Paúls
Falles in LasPaúls. Photograph: Ayuntamiento de Laspaúls

Las Paúls
Falles in LasPaúls. Photograph: Ayuntamiento de LasPaúls

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