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The Falles festival has been held uninterruptedly every year in Montanui. Following the Ribagorçà model, the falles are about 2 meters long and made of Scots pine or old planks and have hazelwood handles. Although they are normally tied with wires, some are still tied with two bands made out of lianas. The fallaires have dinner in the village and then make their way up to the beacon (325 m.), located close to the dam. The falles and wood for the fire may be driven up. Upon arriving at the village, the fallaires run around the village a couple of times and make a bonfire out of the falles in the village square. Years ago, it was the last man in the village to get married who had the job of taking the necessary firewood to the beacon, and he had to do continue until someone else got married.

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Farré Sahún, X.; Ricart, S. (2016) Foc al faro. La fiesta de las fallas en el Pirineo. Zaragoza: Prames

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Montanui Falles, 2015

Montanui Falles, 2015. Photograph: Jordi Clariana (

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