Brandon. On or around June 24.


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The brandon in Saint-Mamet is organized by both the village council and the festival committee. Village employees are responsible for preparing the brandon, while the festival committee takes care of the entertainment for the evening. The brandon is usually held on a Saturday, but it depends on the dates of brandons in other municipalities such as Bagnères-de-Luchon and Montauban-de-Luchon.

Nom en francès: Saint-Mamet
Nom en occità: Sent Memet

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Phone for info : +33561790397

Covering the brandon with straw, June 16, 2018 © Village council of Saint-Mamet.

The brandon, covered with straw and decorated, is ready to be set alight, June 16, 2018 © Village council of Saint-Mamet.

Burning of the brandon of Saint-Jean, 18 June 2018 © Village council of Saint-Mamet

The public looking on at the end St John’s Eve brandon, June 18, 2018 © Mairie de Saint-Mamet.

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