Brandon. On or around June 24.


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In the village of Salles-et-Pratviel, the Saint John’s Eve brandon is organized by the village council and the festival committee. The festivities begin with an apéritif offered by the village council that is followed by a meal and music. The brandon is set ablaze at dusk. The brandon is a tradition that enables local residents to meet in a festive atmosphere. The festivities usually take place on the last weekend of June or the first weekend of July (in 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was postponed to August).

Nom en francès: Salles-et-Pratviel
Nom en occità: Salas e Pratvielh

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Social media : Comité des fêtes de Salles-et-Pratviel « Salles & Pratviel en fêtes » –

Phone for info : +33561791871

Poster of the Brandon of Salles-et-Pratviel in 2021

Burning of the Salles-et-Pratviel brandon, August 7, 2021 © Jeanne-Clotilde d’Hollander.

Covering the brandon with straw, 2019 © Facebook Salles & Pratviel en fêtes.

Placing the bouquet of flowers on top of the brandon, June 29, 2013 © Village council of Salles-et-Pratviel.

The brandon is prepared and ready to be set on fire, 2019 © Facebook Salles & Pratviel en fêtes.

The community meal before the burning of the brandon, 2019 © Facebook Salles & Pratviel en fêtes.

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