Brandon. On or around June 24.


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In the village of Sarp, the tree is split a month before St. John’s Eve, around mid-May. Originally, the tree was a linden tree, but today, the inhabitants use beech (which is easier to debark) and, occasionally, fir. Covering the brandon with straw is also a recent development. Flowers are placed at the top of the brandon. Previously, the brandon was blessed by the parish priest, but the practice ceased in the early 2000s. The brandon is set alight on the Saturday before or after Saint John’s Day (except in 2021 when, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the brandon was postponed to July).

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The brandon being prepared, June 22, 2018 © Patricia Heiniger-Castéret.

Brandon information panel in Sarp, June 22, 2018 © Patricia Heiniger-Castéret.

The brandon is ready to be set ablaze at nightfall, July 3, 2021 © Camille Dodet/PROMETHEUS.

Dances and farandole around the fire, July 3, 2021 © Antoine Bazin/PROMETHEUS

Children fascinated by the magic of fire, July 3, 2021 © Antoine Bazin/PROMETHEUS.

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