Brandon. On or around June 24.


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The brandon in Siradan is organized by the municipal festival committee. The tree is split lengthwise, and wooden wedges are driven into the slots to dry out the log. A bouquet of flowers is place on the top, while straw is placed around the base and in the slits of the brandon. Saint John’s Eve is an important time for the village to gather together: it begins with an apéritif provided by the festival committee, followed by a meal and the lighting of the brandon at nightfall.

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Brandon poster in 2021 © Siradan Festival Committee

Covering the brandon with straw June 22, 2018 © Patricia Heiniger-Castéret

Close-up of the brandon with wooden wedges and straw, June 22, 2018 © Patricia Heiniger-Castéret.

The decorated brandon ready for festivities, June 22, 2018 © Patricia Heiniger-Castéret.

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