Falles de Vilaller (Vilaller falles). 23/06. 22.h30


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The Vilaller falles have been held continuously since their beginnings. The Falles are produced out of dry wood made from tree stumps. Each falla is made from planks cut diagonally to produce a triangular falla. One of the customs of this village consists of several fallaires bringing down a larger falla, about 6 meters long. In Vilaller, there are several beacons, but the one used currently is that located between Vilaller and Casós (1,115 m.). The fallaires carry their falles up to the beacon in the middle of the afternoon, where they have dinner.
Around 11 p.m., the fires are lit and the fallaires then go down to the village along the road, ending up at the Plaça de Massanera. As in other villages, children are the first to arrive, followed by the adults. The festivities conclude with coca pastry, wine, and dancing.

Organized by : Commission of Fiestas and Village Council of Vilaller
More information :
Instagram : -de-vilaller/
Village Council : +34 973 69 81 59

To find out more
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Photos and videos

Flames of the Pyrenees. Falle in Vilaller and Senet

Vilaller falles, 2016

Vilaller falles

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