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The “Hesta deth Taro” coincides with the Artiès annual village festival and was originally the time when farmers began to drive the animals up to the high pastures for the summer. A month before the festivities, villagers collect a taro, the trunk of a fir tree (which can reach 8 meters) that is loaded up, transported to the village, and prepared for burning. What makes the taro different in Arties is that once the log is set on fire, it is dragged through the streets and squares of Artiès, accompanied by music and cheering of participants. Some people even leaping over the burning log.  This goes on until the early hours of the morning and ends in front of the mayor’s house, where the log is left to burn out. There is also a children’s taro. According to tradition, the ashes of the taro protect, purify, and fertilize, and scattering them throughout the village scares off evil spirits. There are concerts of Aranese music and dance during the festivities, and a large village dance.

Organized by : mairie de Naut Aran, Arties et Garós. Amics deth Taro d’Arties.
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Village Council : +34 973 64 40 30 / 973 64 42 11

To find out more
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Arties Hestes deth Taro (fire festivals)

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