Brandon. On or around June 24.


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The brandon festival is still celebrated in Créchets, though it was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The brandon is made “in traditional manner” by the festival committee and volunteers. At the beginning of May, it is split, before being put to dry in the square where it will be lit two months later, following a blessing of the tree and villagers by the parish priest of the valley. The feast usually takes place on the first Saturday after St. John’s Day.

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Preparation of the brandon: splitting work, May 2019 © Isabelle Coignard.

The brandon is raised in the square, April 2017 © Isabelle Coignard.

The brandon is covered with straw and a bouquet of flowers is placed at the top, June 2018 © Isabelle Coignard.

Burning of the brandon on June 24, 2017 © Isabelle Coignard

The brandon splits and falls, June 24, 2017 © Isabelle Coignard.

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