Oueil Valley (Mayrègnes)

Brandon. On or around June 24.

Oueil Valley (Mayrègnes)

Oueil Valley (Mayrègnes) 150 150 Prometheus.Museum

In the Oueil valley, the festival is rotated amongst the different municipalities. The brandon, called “eth halhar” in Gascon, takes place in the villages of Benque-Dessous-et-Dessus, Bourg-d’Oueil, Caubous, Cirès, Mayrègne, Saccourvielle, and Saint-Paul-d’Oueil. The Vallée d’Oueil events committee is responsible for organizing the brandon, which is celebrated in a different village each year.

Nom en francès: Val d’Oueil (Mayrègnes)
Nom en occità: Vath d’Oueil (Mairegnha)

For more information : https://cc-pyreneeshautgaronnaises.fr/decouvrir/agenda/429-brandon

Email : mairie.de.mayregne2@ozone.net

Social media : https://www.lepetitjournal.net/31-haute-garonne/e31c-montagne/2021/06/27/brandon-de-la-vallee-doueil/#gsc.tab=0

Phone for info : 05 61 79 82 96